The perils for out lesbian celebrities

CREATED ON // Wednesday, 23 April 2014 Written by // The Melbourne Lesbians

Well, well, well, 2014 is proving to be a big year for the lesbians of Melbourne. Lesbians are coming out of closets faster than we can say Blue Is the Warmest Colour. But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns from here on.

When Ellen Page came out, no one was surprised, but we were all pretty chuffed because she’s so damn cool. She’s the dream-girl of loner Michael Cera types the world over, and we ripped her from their beady sights.

In her coming out speech, she mentioned she was sick of being chastised for dressing “like a man”. Last week certain online publications reported that she wore an “androgynous” shirt-and-tie combination at the MTV awards, and that it “suit[ed] her”.

I don’t know about this guys. What… now that we know she likes pussy, androgynous clothes “suit her”? It just doesn’t sit right with us.

(Supermodel Cara Delevigne furious at paparazzi for stalking her and girlfriend Michelle Rodriquez)

We were still celebrating Ellen’s news, when Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevigne announced they are dating. That’s right bishes, Cara Delevigne, fashion superstar, friend to hip-hop royalty and favourite of Karl Lagerfeld is on our team.

So tell me lesbians can’t dress well now.

Tell me lesbians don’t wear make-up now.

Tell me lesbians just can’t find men now y’all.

Yeah that’s right. That’s what I thought.

Cara spends a lot of her time in front of a camera, but since announcing her relationship she has found it difficult to escape them. She tweeted her annoyance at paparazzi after she found unauthorised footage of herself and Michelle getting steamy on a beach in Cancun. The photographer would have had to use a creepily long-range lens to get such footage. Cara compared the paparazzi to assassins.

We’re not going to lie, it was some really nice footage and we love seeing Cara and Michelle together, but we can understand her annoyance. It’s unfair that coming out has subjected her to a level of celebrity stalking she’s not comfortable with.

Meanwhile more locally, Carly and Tresne from My Kitchen Rules are also feeling the aftermath of coming out. While the response to their relationship was mostly positive, and many asked why they felt they needed to hide their relationship in the first place, they have recently become victims of online bullying.

In particular, a Christian lobby group has voiced criticism of their relationship. This has been especially difficult for the couple because they identify as Christians and regularly attend church. Their coming out has aligned them with the LGBT community but has perhaps distanced them from the church.

For onlookers, it would seem like coming out would be a life affirming experience and a huge relief, but being queer is only one part of a person’s identity. Coming out can result in an onslaught of questioning and confusion.

It’s been so refreshing to see all these women come out. We all need someone to relate to, to look up to, to gossip about. We’re grateful that they’ve put themselves out there in more ways than one.


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