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CREATED ON // Saturday, 30 August 2014 Written by // Matt Potter

Back in January this year, Bfriend established a website purely for the purposes of listing community events. 

You know, events where members of the LBGTIQ communities can go and spend time with other like-minded people. And we don’t mean a group of friends who meet for drinks or coffee or dinner or pool on a regular or semi-regular basis. We mean groups where LGBTIQ community members without attachments to other attendees can go. So public groups.

And it came about because there was nothing else like it out there, no central website or newspaper or magazine listing local LGBTIQ events and gatherings.

It’s not about services for the LGBTIQ communities (of which there are precious few anyway) but about activities: walking tours and afternoon teas and barbecues and drop-ins and fundraising nights and dances and coffee afternoons and garden tours and dog walks and band performances and choir performances and sports teams and information meetings.

It’s for all ages too, so it’s not just for retirees and it’s not just for teenagers either.
You can find the website here.

The website, of course is only as good as the information we get. And while it’s not the world’s most glamorous website, it’s functional. It does the job it’s meant to do.

Each month has its own page – previous months are recycled into months to come! – and there’s a page listing local groups: social groups, sports groups, cultural groups, interest groups, leisure activity groups, and others. The list is NOT endless because this is Adelaide, after all, but you get the picture...

And from what we can tell, there really is no other page like it, certainly not in and/or for Adelaide.

We’d like it to grow, too, and are keen for groups and events not listed to send us information about their groups and events, so they can be listed. If you would like your events, contact details and links listed, whether it be a regular event or meeting or a one-off, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

And if you’d like to receive regular email updates, send an email to the above email address with Join in the subject line.

We believe information like this, that is available publicly and is easy to find, is really important, especially when the LGBTIQ communities are so fragmented.

And we’re keen for any country groups to send us information too.


Matt Potter

Matt Potter

Matt Potter is the Men’s Worker with Bfriend, and has been with Bfriend since January 2013.

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