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CREATED ON // Sunday, 17 August 2014 Written by // Tony Crandell

Over the next few months, 40 new Gay & Lesbian Liaison Officers (GLLO) will be trained to take on LGBTI liaison responsibilities across NSW metropolitan and country commands. One of my key priorities for this year is to make sure our GLLOs are located in areas that need them most, and that community members are aware of these officers so they can access them if they need to.

In Surry Hills and many other city commands, there are several GLLOs trained however, on any given day, due to shift work, illness and leave, there may not be a trained GLLO on duty. This is even more likely in smaller commands, or regional areas, where there may only be one trained GLLO on staff. Our message to the community will always be to report incidents to the police on duty as soon as possible. This will ensure the best chance for a successful investigation. GLLOs however are available as follow up contact officers, someone you can make an appointment to see, if you are concerned about your case, or simply feel the need to talk to an officer trained in LGBTI issues.

Over the next few months we will be profiling our new GLLOs on our Facebook page ( so look out for new GLLOs in your area. To start, I’d like to introduce you to Andrew from Surry Hills:


[Image] GLO Andrew from Surry Hills police station

How long have you been a police officer?

Five and a half years. Before that I worked in an insurance company. I started off in the army in New Zealand as a teenager!

And what made you decide to become a GLLO?

Being a gay man I have an affinity with the LGBTI community and I want to ensure that my community is assisted in a professional, empathetic and fair manner.

You’ve been doing GLLO duties at Surry Hills for a while now – what do you enjoy the most?

I feel a strong sense of achievement when I can help someone, either in my DVLO role (Domestic Violence Liaison Officer) or as a GLLO. I like talking to people. I like finding out how they are and if I can make a difference – help make their lives better.

Your role is a little different because you coordinate the GLLOs in your command – tell us a bit about that.

There is such a variety of issues and people here in Surry Hills. It’s great because I can match one of our talented and diverse GLLOs to the issue or activity.

Tell us why someone might feel comfortable talking to you!

I am a mature type of person who is a good listener.

And how can they best contact you?

By calling Surry Hills police on 9265 4144 or emailing me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
I am usually at work Monday to Thursday, business hours.


Tony Crandell

Tony Crandell

Superintendent Tony Crandell is the NSW Police Corporate Sponsor for LGBTI Issues.

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