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Lesbian web series to watch while waiting for OITNB to return

CREATED ON // Monday, 04 August 2014 Written by // The Melbourne Lesbians

What’s a lesbian to do between seasons of Orange Is the New Black? There’s only so much Glee/Pretty Little Liars/Grey’s Anatomy you can fast forward through to get to the lesbian storyline. But don’t despair, there’s a whole world of lesbian content online. We’ve done some research to get you started.

Little Horribles

Little Horribles follows the story of Amy, a not-so-little Jewish lesbian, living and working between New York and L.A. Each episode chronicles the horrible things that happen in her daily life. Amy is basically the funniest person ever, her resting face drips with sarcasm, but her stories are totally relatable. The horrible things that happen to her have happened to us all. Collectively, they highlight the absurdity of urban lesbian life.


This is a French Canadian webseries about six friends, set in Quebec. The first six webisodes focus on one character from the group at a time. In the final webisodes the group and their partners spend a weekend away together at a country lodge. The lesbian culture documented in this webseries is similar to that in Melbourne, which makes the characters feel familiar, but not too familiar. Not one of the characters represents any of the tired lesbian tropes played out in almost every lesbian series. There’s no detached Lothario with a bad haircut and a job in some creative field. No power lesbian trying to cheat on her wife. There is, however, plenty of eye candy.


[Image] Féminin/Féminin

Kiss Her I’m Famous

Remember that babe from the Real L Word, Tracy Ryerson? She stars in this cute webseries about two best friends who decide to make a sex tape to get famous and also annoy their exes. The narrative of the first season is pretty linear, you know what will happen in the final episode after watching the first. It’s still a good watch though, because the two friends are just so cute and quirky and you can’t help but wait in anticipation for them to hook up. The trailer for the second season is online, and it looks even better than the first.

Watch the trailer for Kiss Her I am Famous season 2

Starting From Now

Honestly this webseries sucks. The writing is terrible, the actors awkward, and the camera work pedestrian. The only reason we’re mentioning it is because it’s Australian and we thought we should give it a fair go mate, or whatever. The series follows Steph, a 29-year-old graphic designer from Melbourne, as she tries to start a new life in Sydney. It’s clear that neither the actor who plays Steph, nor whoever wrote her character, have spent any substantial amount of time in Melbourne, because really nothing about her says Melburnian to us. Although the series is dull and unoriginal, it’s very popular. It has been translated into French on YouTube and has just successfully crowd sourced for a third season.


The Melbourne Lesbians

The Melbourne Lesbians

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