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CREATED ON // Wednesday, 07 May 2014 Written by // Dr Gertrude Glossip

Dear readers, have you missed me? Yes, we’re monthly now. How ever will I squeeze in all I need to share with you just once a month? Oh well, as the Great Bard counsels, “Brevity is the soul of wit”!

We’ve had a reasonably restful time over the last month. I was thrilled to be asked by darling Paolo from (New) Gay Men’s Health at RASA to lead another Art Attack for a group of gay youth. They were so adorably receptive. I’m sure they found it enlightening. Can you believe it, some had NEVER heard of The Bloomsbury Set?

Now Paolo’s asked me to do another for Queer Meetup. Sadly, I can’t promote it in this column because it’ll be ‘done and dusted’ by the time this edition hits the streets. Thankfully, darling Ron’s promised a little online promo.

Naturally we feature local great Jeffrey Smart. I recount his adolescent embrace of Hercules…

“One night, after choir practice, walking back to the city through the park I paused by the bronze statue of the young Hercules. It was so beautiful. I took off all my clothes and climbed up and embraced it.” What a role model for youth! Now they’ve taken the wraps off AO, our gargantuan Temple to Sport, I don’t see Hercules there in the foreground. The Don’s there of course!

I sincerely hope he’s only been temporarily moved for safety. It’d be a travesty if his nakedness were considered inappropriate. After all Hercules, honoured as the Father of the Olympics, was one of the greats of the Greek pantheon. (He’s reputed to have had nine young male lovers too!)

Wills, Kate and Geo have come and gone. They’ve put the republican cause back decades, I’ll wager! Eschewing Burnside Village et al, it’s sort of ‘ab fab’ their Adelaide stopover focused on Elizabeth. I’m sure that city could do with some Knights and Dames too, Mr PM!

Now who’s for a drop of red? Do all these pollies, with such faulty memories, go on to develop dementia think you? Have you ever tasted the fabled Grange and wouldn’t you remember if you had? Will recounts being at a dinner party some years ago at which a bottle was proffered. Observing a year of abstinence he declined. In horror his host protested, “But this isn’t drinking, this is communion”!

Dear readers, speaking of communion, we attended the Unitarian Easter Day service. The order of service quoted Iris Murdoch: “People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.” Rather than communion wine there was a ‘Flower Communion’ where we all received a flower instead. It was a delight!


Dr Gertrude Glossip

Dr Gertrude Glossip

Will Sergeant, Master of Health Service Management, Flinders University, and Dr Gertrude Glossip, PhD (Formal Drapery), Curtain University, are two sides of the one coin. Will has been involved in gay activism since the 'Halcyon 70s' – first Adelaide Pride March (1973) and first Sydney Mardi Gras (1978). Gertrude 'emerged' in the 1990s and has made many appearances in both queer and straight communities. She has led every Feast Queer History Walk since its inception in 1997 and has 'scribbled' her fortnightly blaze column since 2003. Her Wild Sex zoo tours are legendary. Both are fierce anti-discriminationists and committed secular polyamorists!

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