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CREATED ON // Sunday, 29 June 2014 Written by // Nic Parkhill

Next month, one of the world’s biggest conferences, the International AIDS Conference, comes to our shores.

Organisers expect over 14,000 delegates from all over the world to be attending the biennial event, which will take place in Melbourne from July 20 – 25, with various pre-conference events happening in both Sydney and Melbourne.
The conference is the world’s foremost gathering of people living with or at risk of HIV, people working in the HIV sector, relevant policymakers, and others committed to ending the epidemic.
People with or at risk of HIV will celebrate their achievements and voice their concerns, researchers will share some of the latest scientific and medical advances, healthcare workers and government representatives will learn from each other’s practice, and new strategies will be developed for advancing local and global efforts to treat and prevent HIV.


[Image] The screening of Transmission will be sponsered by ACON at AIDS 2014

Importantly, the conference represents a significant opportunity to highlight the nature of the epidemic here in NSW and Australia, including the history of our response and how we’re addressing the contemporary impact of the virus.

Historically, NSW has had one of the most successful HIV responses in the world, due to our practical, inclusive, community-focused and bi-partisan approach.

As a very active conference participant, as well as a proud sponsor of many conference activities, ACON is looking forward to sharing the knowledge and experience we have gained through our almost 30 years of responding to HIV.

We’ll be showcasing our award-winning Ending HIV community education and mobilisation initiative and explaining NSW’s strategy for hopefully eliminating HIV transmission in NSW by 2020. 
Our staff will be participating in a variety of presentations, symposiums, and panel discussions, and we’ll be releasing a range of position statements on HIV-related policies that affect our community. 
And we’re sponsoring some key conference activities, such as the MSM Global Forum Preconference (July 19-20), the official AIDS2014 Candlelight Vigil, and the screening of Transmission: The journey from AIDS to HIV by celebrated documentary filmmaker Staffan Hildebrand.

Importantly, we’re also looking forward to improving our own local practice by gaining new understandings of how other people and organisations around the world are tackling HIV prevention and supporting people with HIV.

We’ll be reporting and sharing information throughout the conference on our ACON and Ending HIV websites and social media platforms, so our community can get a local take on the proceedings – just visit acon.org.au or endinghiv.org for all the details.    


Nic Parkhill

Nic Parkhill

Nic Parkhill is the Chief Executive Officer of ACON.

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