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A united opportunity for change within the transgender community

CREATED ON // Monday, 04 August 2014 Written by // Kristyana Finch

We discuss the broken ranks of the gender diverse community all too often. Every now and then, forces of nature align and a synergy starts to come clearly into view. People see hope for a different future, one of unity and goodwill to each other. We ride what seems a perfect wave, feeling a groundswell of support.

It is seen eventually by established players, there are some who see it not as an opportunity but as a challenge, to the order they believe is theirs and theirs alone. So they set about undermining the new order. Their efforts are to preserve their right to ownership of the cause, not for others but for themselves. Personal, private and sometimes public attacks only serve to damage that which they see as challenging their authority.

If they fail from the outside they may endeavour to get in and deliver their toxic chalice into the heart of the challengers. Once in they are like a primed grenade they go off, however you work with them. This sort of behaviour is a septic ulcer that has blighted the transgender community for years. It needs to be lanced once and for all.

We need a change and we need to let the naysayers follow instead of lead, for while they remain at the helm we are always going to be travelling in circles. There is no future until we put the past behind us.

We have a movement in this community that wants to change the future of transgender politics. There is opportunity for change approaching in October. We have the biannual ANZPATH transgender health and COMMUNITY conference. Community is the big picture at this conference and the concept of a national transgender or gender diverse organisation is firmly on the agenda.

Ah, I hear the doubt in your mind! It's ANZPATH trying to control us, you say! Well I have news for you. The organising committee is effectively the SA transgender community. The South Australian community groups have come together on the committee without conflict or dispute, we are working as willing partners to make it truly a community conference. Six of the eight members of the committee are community and seven of us are transgender.

So what can't be done is happening, and there are many voices from around the country that are also serious about a national gender advocacy group. The poison of the past is looking at a real challenge. There is no reason why the functions of the existing organisations should cease, they are no less important to the community than ever.

The united national voice of the community will inevitably come and it will give weight to the needs of the gender diverse population. It will make all our lives better and change the future for everyone.


Kristyana Finch

Kristyana Finch

Kristyana Finch is a proud trans* woman and president of the Carrousel Club of South Australia.

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