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Team Melbourne’s One Games Initiative gets support from Europe!

Team Melbourne’s One Games Initiative gets support from Europe!

LAST UPDATED // Friday, 01 August 2014 13:26

Team Melbourne, the organisation representing Melbourne’s GLBTIQ sporting community, launched its initiative to unify international GBLTIQ sporting events a few months ago and has just had word that the European Gay and Lesbian Sporting Federation (EGLSF) has jumped on board.

For just over a decade the queer sporting world has been fractured into two competing organisations running separate events for LGBTIQ athletes. The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) is the organising body for the Gay Games, and the Gay and Lesbian International Sporting Association (GLISA) is the organising body for the World Outgames. LGBTIQ sporting groups have been given the choice (or indeed dilemma) of competing in two global events every four years, along with regional events in between.  

“This is really important to our clubs,” says Dane McManus from Team Melbourne. “Many of our teams struggle to get a large presence at international events, especially when we have three occurring within the same 12 month period as has just occurred. It gets expensive and it’s hard for the team to raise funds or remain focused.”

The One Games initiative requests cities across the globe to show their stance for one unified games by refusing to bid for or support a bid for international games beyond 2018 until both GLISA and the FGG agree upon one unified international event.

Team Melbourne has asked clubs and cities all over the world to sign up to the initiative via their website and have just been notified by the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation that they too will be signing up and will encourage their clubs to do the same.

“This is great news,” says Team Melbourne president Carolyn Harrison. “The One Games initiative needs support from the worldwide GBLTIQ sporting community and we are thrilled that our friends in Europe are with us. We look forward to more and more clubs signing up and showing their support for this. Let’s hope we can get many more logos on our page in support for this and work together to ensure we compete in an environment that maximises attendance – unifying us, rather than dividing us.”

For more information about Team Melbourne and the One Games Initiative go to


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