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Matthew Mitcham scores second silver medal at Commonwealth Games

Matthew Mitcham scores second silver medal at Commonwealth Games

LAST UPDATED // Friday, 01 August 2014 21:37 Written by // Cec Busby

A Commonwealth Gold medal is still eluding Olympic Gold medallist Matthew Mitcham, who scored his second silver medal at the Glasgow Games today. This time Mitcham came in second place in the Mens Synchronised 3metre Springboard with fellow Aussie, Grant Nel. The pair lost out to the UK divers, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears, who took out the Gold.

This will take Mitcham's lifetime Commonwealth silver medal tally to six.

Earlier this week the champion diver won silver in the 1metre Springboard event (his fifth silver Commonwealth medal) with England's Jack Laugher again snagging the gold with a score of 449.90 for his six dives. Mitcham finished up with 404.85 while fellow Australian, Grant Nel, scored 4.03.40.

The Aussie duo of Mitcham and Nel joined forces to compete in the Synchronised dive but despite valiant efforts (including a near perfect final dive) missed out on the gold.

Still Mitcham is doing surprisingly well considering he has been out of the pool most of the year recovering from injuries, including an abdominal tear, stress fractures and an elbow tendon tear.

Speaking with The Age, Mitcham said he didn't think he was at his peak and may never be again, given the injuries he has sustained recently.

"Looking back at when I was diving my best in 2010, I'm not there and I don't know if I'll ever be there again.

"That was where I was at my optimum and I've just had so many injuries since so it's really just working with what I've got which is pretty fallible and pretty fragile but just hoping to rely on experience and looking pretty and hoping that the judges like that."

Mitcham has one last chance to try for a Commonwealth Games Gold medal, with his favourite event – the ten metre springboard taking place tomorrow. Mitcham will face off against another gay dive icon, Tom Daly for the medal.

"By the time the next Commonwealth Games roles around I'll be 30 and that's way past the expiry date for a platform diver," Mitcham told a Ten commentator poolside after the dive. "But I'm looking forward to being a great ambassador at Gold Coast 2018."


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