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Glamourhead Sharks conquer the Euro Games in Stockholm

Glamourhead Sharks conquer the Euro Games in Stockholm

LAST UPDATED // Wednesday, 19 August 2015 14:55

The anticipation was high back in Australia as the first of the results came through from the Euro Games in Stockholm.

All the Glams on home soil knew that our intrepid swimmers had trained hard but we had no idea how they would stack up against the cream of Europe’s GLBTIQ swimmers. Not to mention the competition that had flown in from the USA and everywhere else from around the globe.

The competition got off to a frustrating start with the announcement that there had been some scheduling miscalculations and swimmers were to be scratched (cancelled) from some events.

Luckily this didn’t eventuate and the longer events were swum with two competitors per lane. There were reports of some head-on collisions in the water and people losing their goggles which is really the last thing you want when you’re swimming 1500 meters! 

The mishaps didn’t shake the Glams though and it wasn’t long before the teams Facebook page was inundated with news of so many new personal best times, glamourous photos of the boys sporting an array of matching swimwear, swimmers rediscovering international friends and the swag of medals that just kept getting heavier.


In total 14 medals were won by the Glams in Stockholm including two gold.

Kodie Webb had a stellar competition taking gold in the 200 metre breaststroke, silver in the 200 metre backstroke and 200 metre individual medley and bronze in the 400 metre freestyle, proving he is a jack of all trades and a master at them too.

The Glams eldest competitor James Cahill won gold in the competitive 50 metre freestyle (he also won a silver and a bronze) while the gentleman competitor Sir Charles Williams and the Glams lone female competitor Emily Chong both took home bronze for their 1500 meter freestyle efforts, proving that the team excels in both short and long distance events.

A fact proven by Gordon Turnbull in the final event of the meet the 800 metre freestyle in which he also took home the bronze.

The Glams own Madame (monsieur) butterfly Dane McManus beat his wings to a bronze in the gruelling 200 meter butterfly posting a new personal best time along the way. The 4X50m freestyle relay team also took out the bronze.

More personal best times were posted than medals won in the meet for the Glams, which is what many competitors are aiming for. In an international event where there are sometimes more than 50 other competitors in your age group in any given event, shaving a second or sometimes more from your previous best time is a personal gold medal performance. Nearly every Glam that competed swam new personal best times, proving that the tough training from coaches Anna, Jason and Jack had equated to progress.


When it comes down to it though, all swimmers love a good relay. It is the one time where we can combine our efforts for a single result. The most successful relay for the Glams in Stockholm was the men’s 4X200 meter freestyle relay in which we won bronze (pictured). 

When the competition ended, the flood of pictures and updates on the Facebook page didn’t. All the Glams left behind in the Melbourne winter have been treated to enviable photos of picnics in Paris, beer gardens in London and the general mayhem that is inevitable when Glams celebrate together.

As we welcome them home to hear the stories first hand we will be chucking them straight back into the pool  as preparation continues for the 4th Asia Pacific Outgames in Auckland in February 2016 where the Glams are intent on holding their title of ‘Club of the Meet’.



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