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Brisbane Hustlers: Players to Watch

Brisbane Hustlers: Players to Watch

CREATED ON // Thursday, 31 July 2014 Author // Andrew Shaw

The Brisbane Hustlers RUFC have got plenty of talent in the side, here are just three of their players to watch at the Bingham Cup in Sydney this August.

Chris Waterson: A lot better dancer in his head than in real life.


Age: 37
Weight: 90kgs  
Height: 185cm  

Chris is one of the most experienced Rugby Union players within the Brisbane Hustlers and as a result forms part of the clubs leadership Group. Chris’s supreme level of fitness means that he is a threat at any time during a match, combine that with a ‘never say die’ attitude and you realise quickly why you want to be on his team, not against him. Before coming out of a 10 year retirement to play with the Hustlers, Chris once played top level club rugby culminating in a premiership with Souths. Having his wealth of rugby knowledge is a massive benefit to the club. Chris is also a father and was recently engaged to his Fiancé, Mia, who is also heavily involved in club activities. Together this couple epitomise the inclusive and progressive nature of the Brisbane Hustlers and its members.   


Dale Napier: Can’t skol a beer to save a life but can cut the rug from underneath you.


Age: 26  
Weight: 85kgs  
Height: 180cm  

Dale is one of the newer players to the game, having joined the Hustlers 6 months after they reformed in late 2012. He played his first game of Rugby Union in 2013, drawing blood only 5 minutes into the opening game (his own). Over the course of now 2 seasons he’s picked up skills and confidence, both physical and psychological in gameplay – converting him into a lifelong fan of the game. Fitness is a big part of his life, as is whatever the latest bulking diet is.   


Marty Tebbutt: Marty was in the Olympic training squad for Water Polo.  


Age: 31  
Weight: 96kgs
Height: 183cm  

Marty has played rugby for close to 20 years now, playing in representative teams throughout his school years and winning multiple age & open premierships along the way. Whilst only introduced to the Brisbane Hustlers midway through last year, Marty is now one of the clubs Vice Presidents, and can be seen actively involved both on and off the field at training and games. An aggressive and hard-running back rower, Marty is renowned for his bullocking runs and stinging defence. After missing this year’s Purchas Cup win, Marty is chomping at the bit to get on the field for the Bingham Cup.



Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw is editor of Queensland Pride.

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