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Athlete profile: Malcolm Campbell

Athlete profile: Malcolm Campbell

CREATED ON // Sunday, 27 July 2014

Melbourne Community Voice meets Malcolm Campbell, members of the Melbourne Frontrunners and the Glamourhead Sharks.

Name: Malcolm Campbell

Team: Melbourne Frontrunners and Glamourhead Sharks (Melbourne)

How long have you been a member of the team?

Founding members of both, so 13 years with each.

What position/events do you play/compete in?

Running – fun runs, cross country, track and field, locally with Athletics Victoria and Frontrunners.

Swimming – Aussie Masters meets locally.

For both sports regionally with Asia Pacific Outgames and internationally at Gay Games and World Outgames.


Above: Malcolm Campbell (far right) at the Asia-Pacific Outgames in Melbourne

Why did you join the team?

Running – socially and to keep fit.

Swimming – to improve my swimming as my style was like a washing machine as well as to keep fit and socially.

Do you remember your first training session? What was it like?

No – it was such a long time ago. I only remember that I only said I would go to swimming if a friend of mine came with me. We joined at the same time but he has since retired from swimming.

What have you enjoyed most about competing with the team?

All of it – the friends, the fitness and the competition.

Did you compete in sport prior to joining the team?


How do you think the team has changed you?

Yes, I have changed over the last 11 years, physically and socially – I certainly am a better swimmer!

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