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  • 3AW benches Brian Taylor for 'big poofter' remark
3AW benches Brian Taylor for 'big poofter' remark

3AW benches Brian Taylor for 'big poofter' remark

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 15 July 2014 10:48 Written by // Cec Busby

Channel Seven AFL commentator Brian Taylor was benched from radio station 3AW yesterday after making a gay slur during the Seven network’s Saturday night pre-match coverage of the game between Carlton and Sydney Swans.

Taylor will be forced to undergo counselling following the homophobic remark in which he referred to Geelong player Harry Taylor as a ‘big poofter’ live on air.

Taylor apologised shortly afterwards, but social media broke into a storm with viewers calling for Taylor to be sacked.

Seven has confirmed Taylor will be back on air next weekend, radio station 3AW was less forgiving however – telling Taylor not to come in for his afternoon shift yesterday (Sunday).

“I’ve spoken to (3AW) management and they have chosen to give me a day off to collect my thoughts, so I’ll take the opportunity to have a day off,” Taylor told 3AW Football.

“My apology of (Saturday) night absolutely stands unequivocally.

“I made a blue, I apologised accordingly at the first opportunity to the Seven viewers where I made the blue.”

Taylor has also apologised to Carlton’s Harry Taylor..

Earlier in this year Taylor was under fire for another homophobic remark which aired live on 3AW.  Speaking of 3AW presenter, Seb Costello’s dress sense , Taylor remarked: “ I don’t want to offend his upbringing or his parents ... but he looks gay.”

3AW station boss Shane Healy wanted listeners to know 3Aw took his comments very seriously and that the commentator would be taken to task.

“We just want to let our listeners know that we’ll be talking to Brian ... and we’ll be certainly commending to him some quite serious counselling.”

Team Melbourne, the organisation that represents Melbourne's LGBTI sporting and recreation clubs expressed its disappointment at Taylor’s remarks.

“Using terms like ‘poofter’ in order to belittle or make fun of someone for supposed "feminine" behaviour is not acceptable in 2014. These remarks only help to discourage young same-sex attracted people from accepting who they are and make those already out and proud to feel in some way diminished for being who they are.

"Comments like this, whether they be in jest or serious, only help exclude same-sex attracted people from actively participating in AFL,” said a Team Melbourne spokesperson.

While Team Melbounre welcomed Taylor’s apology to Harry Taylor they felt an apology to the LGBTI community is also in order.

"Brian Taylor's apology was directed to anyone offended by his remark but in particular to Harry Taylor and his friends. Team Melbourne would welcome an apology from Brian Taylor to the LGBTIQ community for trying to demean and belittle someone with a term like ‘poofter’.

"We represent groups of athletes who actively participate in community sport, despite the discrimination and negativity that can sometimes be thrown at them by society in either open acts of vilification or off-handed ‘jokes’.

"We are strong and confident, no matter what style of personality we may have and want to ensure others feel the same. Being a member of the diverse LGBTIQ community is something to be proud of and we refuse to accept the notion that using a term like "poofter" to degrade someone is acceptable.”

Seven Melbourne’s managing director, Lewis Martin, issued a written statement regarding Taylor's comments saying: “Comments such as those made (by Taylor) are unacceptable and should not and will not be tolerated.

“Brian has been censured, and will be supported through counselling and education to ensure this mistake will never happen again."


Cec Busby

Cec Busby

Cec Busby is the news editor of SX and online editor of

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  • Stop the trolls

    15 July 2014 at 16:48 |
    F... off "Stretch" and troll somewhere else.


  • Stretch

    15 July 2014 at 11:50 |
    Brian Taylor's comment does not mean he is phobic of any sorts. I agree that gayism is not normal, and should not be treated as normal. No one is born gay. Predominantly I feel a majority of it is encountered by molestation while young, and or a generational curse. The brain has a marvelous way to block out trauma. They are poofters. So what. If you are a poofter, then so be it, but it does not give a right to push what is not normal to make it like it is normal. Many people accept a lie, but will not accept the truth. The truth is that gayism is not normal. That is a lie that the devil will convince you as the truth, but the truth is not excepted. I know, cause I was one of the thousands that have been molested by a poofter. If you are gay, then that is between you and God, but don't bring it out as normal. The whole Sodom and Gamora is at hand, and that just doesn't mean gays, it is the whole world in its endeavor to make any sexual promiscuity normal, other than between a husband and wife.
    The Lord does not send people to hell. It is the choice that people make that gets them there.


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