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    Ruby Rose off the market...again!

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Ruby Rose new face of Ralph Lauren spring 2016 campaign

Ruby Rose new face of Ralph Lauren spring 2016 campaign

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 07 January 2016 11:11

Ruby Rose is the new face of Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply line.

The Denim & Supply Spring 2016 campaign sees the Orange is the New Black star making a return to modeling.

The campaign describes Rose as:

‘A unique and emerging talent quickly on the rise, Ruby Rose challenges herself with each new role and continues to evolve with each project she takes on. She currently stars as a series regular on Netflix's critically acclaimed, Emmy- and Golden Globe–nominated show Orange Is the New Black. Rose is a multi-hyphenate creative spirit, whose talent also extends across music, fashion, and social activism.’

The campaign includes a video and a Q & A with Rose.

WATCH the video here and read the Q & A below:


What does self-expression mean to you?

Self-expression to me is a way to narrate my inner feelings through art, through music, through my authentic self.

Aside from acting, my career has always been multifaceted. I once had a clothing line and did a lot of street art…I had a radio show. Music will always be a really big part of my life as well, and I’ve been able to DJ all over the world. I feel like maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces…maybe it’s because my mum was an artist, but art is such a big part of my life.

How would you describe your approach when it comes to artistic expression?What do you love about acting?

I love being able to lose myself in a role, to walk into the unknown. I find the challenges rewarding and powerful. I like to take risks. I’m so blessed to be in such a creative industry where I can showcase how I’m feeling in every single which way and form—even in fashion.
The wonderful thing about being an actor is that you get to play just endless amounts of characters. You can play the badass. You can play the girl next door. I can play a Stepford mum. Just give me a soccer mum car and some children and away we go.

Are there any roles that you’re looking forward to playing?

Look, it's really hard because in Orange Is the New Black you get to go to work. You get to wear minimal makeup. It’s like being in your pajamas for an eight-hour day. It’s pretty dope. But my next project is really cool, and the polar opposite to that—it's an action role. I get to do a lot of stunts and all this really cool stuff, so I don’t think I’m gonna have a favourite. I’d love to do some comedy, too, you know, and some really serious drama. Just everything and anything.

Tell us your thoughts on collaboration. Have you ever worked with someone who changed the way you thought about the work?

Collaboration is so vital. I get to work with people all the time who shape my views and educate me on their differences. I firmly believe two minds are better than one. Whether it be a film, a song, or an art piece, it’s more fun to be able to involve somebody else, and I think that every single person that I work with in my career, no matter what area it is, I learn from. It changes the way that I perceive things so I’m always growing and always learning.

Describe your personal style. How do your tattoos relate to that, and is there any advice you would give to people who are starting to get tattooed?

I would say wait until you are 21. Mine are all over the place, just like anyone who starts at 16. However, my ink saved my life many times, and I have a great deal of love for it.
As for style, it’s just a representation of your feelings in an art form. I’m androgynous and I'm a tomboy, but I also like to experiment with all different kinds of clothing. Stay true to your feelings and the rest will follow.

Can you tell us about your love for animals?

What is there to tell…I’d take a bullet for any of my dogs, and they complete my life in a way human interaction never could or should. Unconditional love.

What would be your perfect day in your neighbourhood?

Get up and grab a coffee, walk the dog, hit the gym, and start my day. That’s in a perfect world, which is a morning that doesn’t start earlier than 8. I’m into spin classes and hiking. If I can get a surf in, then I’m living the dream.

When or where do you feel the most free to be yourself?

At the beach or in the wilderness.


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