WATCH: McCafe ad with coming out story goes viral

WATCH: McCafe ad with coming out story goes viral

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 08 March 2016 12:29 Written by // Cec Busby

A new McCafe ad  titled ‘Acceptance’ is being aired in Taiwan and it features the coming out story of a young gay man.

In the ad the anxious young man writes ‘I like boys’ on his Mc Cafe cup and shows it to his father who storms off, leaving him alone at the table looking dejected. Seco0nds later the dad returns with a cup of his own and writes; i accept that you like boys.



The advertisement is going viral online, but not everyone who sees it is lovin’ it.

AdWeek reports the Alliance of Taiwan Religious Groups for the Protection of Family is planning a boycott of McDonalds.

The group issued a statement that reads: "Because McDonald's is frequented by many children, it is especially important to oppose the promotion of same-sex behaviour."

Watch the ad


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Cec Busby

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