US: Facebook funds homophobic attorney general’s campaign

US: Facebook funds homophobic attorney general’s campaign

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 19 August 2014 09:07 Written by // Cec Busby

Social network giant Facebook has come under fire after reports surfaced the company has donated funds to a politician with anti-gay views.

According to reports by Utah journalist Bob Henline, Facebook has donated $10,000 to republican Attorney General Sean Reyes’ campaign. Reyes was the attorney general handling the defense of the state’s same-sex marriage ban, which was struck down by a U.S. district court last December.

At the time Reyes had said he would spend whatever it takes to oppose same-sex marriage.

Henline made the discovery of Facebook’s donation whilst scrutinising Reyes’ campaign disclosure statement for his re-election campaign. The statement outlined Facebook as the candidate’s second largest contributor.

Henline told Utah gay press, Q SaltLake: “Being a Facebook user, I have always assumed that it was pro-equality and pro-diversity, so it shocked me."

Henline has since created a petition calling for Facebook to retract its support.

Facebook released a statement saying a contribution to a candidate does not mean they agree with every policy or position that candidate takes.

The internet giant said they made the donation due to Reyes' commitment to fostering an open internet.

Henline argued that as an attorney general Reyes has no say over the fostering of an open internet – as the internet falls under the purview of federal law.

Henline said by supporting an anti-gay candidate, Facebook is going against its stated commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

Image: Facebook shows it's support for LGBTI people at a Pride parade earlier this year.


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