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UN report condemns Vatican for contributing to violence against LGBTs

UN report condemns Vatican for contributing to violence against LGBTs

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 06 February 2014 12:56 Written by // Michael Magnusson

A United Nations committee report into the Catholic Church’s handling of child sexual abuse has included an inditement against the Church's attitudes toward homosexuality.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child report into the Catholic Church’s response to allegations of child sexual abuse went further to include criticism of church teachings on homosexuality, gender equality and abortion.

In regards to the sexual abuse by clergy, the report stated that “Child victims and their families have often been blamed by religious authorities, discredited and discouraged from pursuing their complaints and in some instances humiliated.”

Condemning the organisation's “code of silence” in relation to reporting sexual abuse to authorities, the report demanded the Vatican release documents of its internal investigations and turn clerics known or suspected of abuse over to criminal investigators.

The committee then took the further step of condemning the church's stances on sexual orientation, reproductive health and gender equality as being out of step with the principles of human rights and child welfare.

“While also noting as positive the progressive statement delivered in July 2013 by Pope Francis, the Committee is concerned about the Holy See’s past statements and declarations on homosexuality which contribute to the social stigmatisation of and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adolescents and children raised by same sex couples,” the report said.

Responding to claims by the Vatican that the report was biased and criticisms from other commentators that it went outside its scope by including issues like homosexuality, committee char, Kirsten Sandberg, said: “Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is something that we have raised with many states.

“This is nothing special. We are not going outside the scope of the Convention.”


Michael Magnusson

Michael Magnusson

Michael has written for the gay media for over a decade and has also written for a number of journals, magazines and street presses around Melbourne and websites around the world.

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