Study finds lesbian and gay teens at greater risk of pregnancy

Study finds lesbian and gay teens at greater risk of pregnancy

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 07 August 2014 13:37 Written by // Cec Busby

A Canadian study has found gay and lesbian teens are more likely to be the cause of a pregnancy or to get pregnant than their straight counterparts. The study’s researchers suspect LGBT youth  are using pregnancy as a camouflage to prevent homophobic bullying.

Initial results from the 2013 B.C. Adolescent Health Survey, shows LGBT youth have maintained the high pregnancy levels of a previous study conducted in 2008 which showed gay and bisexual boys are nearly four times more likely to cause a pregnancy, and lesbian and bisexual girls are more than twice as likely to get pregnant.

Around 30,000 students between grade 7-12  participated in the most recent survey.

Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc of University of B.C.'s School of Nursing told QMI Agency: "They still have increased risk compared to heterosexual teens that we've noted since 2008. Since then there have been other studies in other parts of the world that say the same thing.

"It would appear that the sexual orientation, in terms of pregnancy involvement, looks like it's staying about the same."

Saewyc said there was appeared to be a link between pregnancies and experiences of discrimination and harassment.

"It may be that pregnancy involvement is a way to camouflage your sexual orientation to avoid or reduce your experiences of homophobic bullying,” she said.


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