Slovakia bans gay marriage

Slovakia bans gay marriage

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 05 June 2014 11:17 Written by // Cec Busby

Slovakia’s Smer Social Democratic Party and the Christian Democrats have joined together to amend the Slovakian Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman – effectively banning same-sex marriage.

The amendment was passed 102-18.

Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico said the amendment would make little difference as it only confirms what is already Slovakian law.

"The marriage amendment will not bring about any drastic changes, it only seals in the constitution what is already defined by law," said Fico.

Marriage equality advocates are dismayed at the turn of events especially Fico’s Smer party - a social-democrat party - supporting the amendment.

Currently there is no form of civil union for same-sex couples in Slovakia, a country dominated by a 75% Christian population. But a 2012 opinion poll showed that 47 per cent of Slovaks supported civil unions for same-sex couples.

"You don't make marriage more attractive by banning all the alternatives," Martin Macko, head of the LGBTI Initiative "Inakost" told AFP.

"The number of unmarried couples living together will continue to grow, including same-sex couples that have been part of society for a long time, but without any legal recognition."


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