Findus Pasta ad features gay characters

Findus Pasta ad features gay characters

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 12 June 2014 09:24 Written by // Cec Busby

Less than a year since the head of Barilla pasta company told media he would never use gay people in a commercial for his brand, rival pasta company Findus has given Italy its first gay themed ad.

The new ad features a coming out story between a mother and son...

The ad sees the gay son hosting a dinner party for his mother and ‘flatmate’. After wowing his mum with his surprising pasta skills, the son reveals he has another surprise – his flatmate is not just his flatmate but his partner... But it turns out the mum already knew...

According to gay rights advocates the advertisement is a first for Italy in its positive depiction of gay people and Findus has been praised for the move.

According to Gay Center spokesman Fabrizio Marrazzo in a statement to Il Messagero, the ad shows the normalcy of gay life.

“The advert clearly demonstrates the simplicity of a gay couple’s daily life, and acceptance of them in an intelligent way. We applaud Findus and call on all companies, big and small, to do the same. We’re still waiting for Barilla to give us a sign in that respect.”

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