Church cancels gay man’s funeral

Church cancels gay man’s funeral

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 11 August 2014 10:13 Written by // Cec Busby

A Florida Church has cancelled a man’s funeral service upon hearing that he was gay.

The pastor of New Hope Missionary Church in Tampa discovered the deceased, Julion Evans, 42 was one half a gay couple and promptly cancelled his funeral, notifying his family the night before the ceremony.

Evans’ husband, Kendall Capers said his partners’s family attended the church so it seemed the most appropriate place for the service.

"I felt it probably would have been best for him to be at the church, his family grew up in the church, it just made sense," Capers said.

New Hope immediately said yes, but the invitation was revoked during the wake after a newspaper obituary named Capers as the surviving "husband."

Capers said the cancellation of the service was heartless particularly when they were grieving the loss of a loved one.

“Regardless of our background, our sexual orientation, how can you wait that long and put someone in a bind when they're going through a loss?" Capers said.

New Hope's Pastor T.W. Jenkins  told local TV station KSDK, that his church doesn't support gay marriage.

"I try not to condemn anyone's lifestyle, but at the same time, I am a man of God and have to stand upon my principles."

Image: Julion Evans (left) and husband Kendall Capers.


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