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Brockhoff to limit anti-gay law protesting during Olympics

Brockhoff to limit anti-gay law protesting during Olympics

LAST UPDATED // Friday, 07 February 2014 15:02 Written by // Michael Magnusson

Openly gay Victorian snowboarder Belle Brockhoff says she will not speak out against Russia's anti-gay until after her competition at the Sochi Winter Olympics to avoid jeopardising her “Olympic dream”.

Although having said earlier she would protest, even joking to “rip on Putin's arse” she now says she will definitely not make any protest before her event.

“The Olympics has always been my focus, this has been my focus for the last 10 years and I'm not going to change that at all,” she said in an interview with the BBC this week.

“I'm not going to throw that away, but definitely after I may do something,” she said

“But you know, if I don't get a medal not many people will want to listen to my opinion.”

“The athletes competing have an incredible opportunity to show a sign of solidarity to the GLBTI people of Russia, who are currently under persecution by their own government,” anti-homophobia campaigner Jason Ball told gaynewsnetwork.

“The IOC's own charter states that sport is a human right and should be available to anyone regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Russia's anti-homosexuality propaganda laws are completely inconsistent with the mission and spirit of the Olympic Games.

“Australia should be communicating clearly that it supports the rights of it's own athletes to peacefully protest in support of human rights. If it fails to do this, it is compliment in the intolerance and injustice.”


Michael Magnusson

Michael Magnusson

Michael has written for the gay media for over a decade and has also written for a number of journals, magazines and street presses around Melbourne and websites around the world.

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