Anti-gay protestor gets slushie in face

Anti-gay protestor gets slushie in face

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 12 May 2014 15:10 Written by // Ron Hughes

USA: An anti-gay protestor in Grandville Michigan got more that she bargained for on Mothers Day when an angry woman threw a slushie over her.

Christine Weick decided to celebrate Mothers Day by standing at a busy local intersection holding up a large banner reading "Thank your Mom today for not being gay".

As a crew from a 24 hour news channel turned up to interview Weick, another woman Jessica Prince approached and threw a slushie over Weick, and swore at her. An altercation ensued during which Weick threatened Prince with pepper spray.

Police arrived on the scene after Prince had already left.

Other pro-gay protestors turned up with their own signs, such as one that read "Thank your Mom if you're not a bigot. Judge not."


“Truth is hate to those that hate the truth, and this is the truth,” Weick told 24 Hour News 8

“They don’t like it and they label me a hater, and it isn’t that at all. I love them enough to tell them they are on the wrong path.”

Weick told police she intended to press charges against Prince.


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Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes is the editor of SA's only LGBTI magazine, blaze.

Comments (3)

  • Helen

    14 May 2014 at 20:14 |
    It's not ok at all, but I think what this situation shows is that publicly judging others lives and loves to be 'wrong' causes upset reactions from those people. I don't think there's anyone who enjoys being told 'how you live is wrong, and I'm right'. But yes, everyone should be allowed to have an opinion - if only we could all learn how to express those opinions in a constructive way instead of as conflicts. Surely that's the way we'll change the world?


  • King Curmudgeon

    13 May 2014 at 02:43 |
    So assault and battery is OK when someone dares to express an opposing opinion to yours, right? Oh, and the sign about "judge not" is one of the most frequently misunderstood "quotes" from the Bible. Research it.

    As to this lady's "bigotry", think again. Bigotry is defined by hatred; she does not hate and stated just the opposite, even if her position may be misguided. So who's the bigot?


  • Todd

    13 May 2014 at 01:47 |
    Ok so let me get this right. Its ok if your gay to throw things in peoples faces, get people fired from there job for something that happened years ago and to have things one sided. But when someone views you as different or donates money to support non gay beleifs then your the devil. Ok i see how it is.


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