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Will Brisbane finally get a safe house for transgender people?

Will Brisbane finally get a safe house for transgender people?

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 23 March 2015 14:41 Written by // Andrew Shaw

A Brisbane transgender organisation is looking into the possibility of a safe house for transgender people in crisis. 

The plan, by the Australian Transgender Support Association Qld (ATSAQ), is to provide a home for two male and two female transgender people over 18.

A spokesperson for ATSAQ told QP a live-in caretaker would be on hand at the house, which would help the needs of trans men and women made homeless.

ATSAQ has met with a “non-government medical concern that has shown an interest in coming on board”.

The pilot program would see trans people staying on at the house for three to six month, and people are invited to get in touch with ATSAQ to provide feedback.

Writing in the latest issue of the ATSAQ newsletter, ATSAQ president Gina Mather said existing housing facilities across the board refuse to allow a pre-op transgender person access.

“The reason for the refusal is the good, old stock standard formal answer referring to their policies and procedures and in some cases the old chestnut ― the protection of the individuals’ safety.

“Some even go as far as reminding us of good governance and sound management which they must abide by and as such their charter [does] not include those with Gender Dysphoria,” Mather wrote.

“There are genuine needs for various sections of the populace, that is accepted, and over the years those needs have been improved by expansion of facilities, welfare access, social and medical interaction.

“Meantime the Transgender Community have largely been ignored during this time despite ATSAQ continuously highlighting the anomaly.”

For more information about trans issues in Queensland, go to www.atsaq.com

[image] ATSAQ’s Krissy Johnson and Gina Mather, with Brisbane City Councillor Vicki Howard.


Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw is editor of QP [queensland pride magazine].

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