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WATCH: Ruby Rose breaks free of gender roles in new short film

WATCH: Ruby Rose breaks free of gender roles in new short film

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 17 July 2014 10:41 Written by // Sabine Brix

Model and DJ Ruby Rose has written and produced a new short film about gender roles and what it's like to have an identity that deviates from the norm.

Titled Break Free, the 5 minute short set to the track 'It Pulls Me Under' by Butterfly Boucher follows Rose as she transitions from female to male complete with a sequence involving binding and packing.

This isn't the first time Rose has spoken of her gender fluidity, having previously taken to Facebook to reflect on her once-held desire to undergo an FTM.

"It's weird, some of the androgynous photos I have taken lately really make me wonder what I'd have looked like if I did a FTM transition like I wanted to when I was younger...Happy how I am...I am a woman, but I would have been just as comfortable as a boy," she wrote.

"I know a lot of people don't understand that, but I know a few of you do."

Watch the video below


Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix is the digital editor for Gay News Network.

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