Promoter calls to mark 20th anniversary of Tasty raid

Promoter calls to mark 20th anniversary of Tasty raid

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 23 June 2014 15:34 Written by // Cec Busby

Former Tasty promoter Gavin Campbell has called for patrons present at the infamous Tasty raid in 1994 to come together to mark the 20th anniversary of the night 400+ gay clubbers were strip-searched and detained.

Often referred to as the Australian ‘Stonewall’, the incident, took place on August 7 1994, and saw 463 clubbers detained for seven hours by the police. All patrons were stripped searched and full nudity was enforced. Searches took place in the presence of other patrons.

The event sparked protests and an enormous public backlash against the Victorian Police and Kennett government as well as a class action suit which saw an eventual payout of 15 million dollars to the affected patrons.

Taking to Facebook to comment, Gavin Campbell said: “We come together, 20 years on, to commemorate this watershed moment in Australian LGBT history.

“Many raid victims couldn’t find a voice, too traumatised, too closeted, too much to lose. These silent victims of the Tasty raid, qualify as an inspiration in our fight for rights, they epitomise the injustices…”

If you or anyone else you know was at the raid Campbell would like you to join the Tasty Raid 20th anniversary Facebook page to keep updated with the event.

The Tasty Raid 20th anniversary commemoration will  take place at Poof Doof, in South Yarra, on August 9, with DJ Jon Pleased Wimmin and former Tasty stars Campbell and Peter McNamara.

Image: This image was taken by a club patron atthe tine of eth raid and was originally published in The Age with the caption 'Hands Against the Wall'


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