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Melbourne musician is moving to marriage equality Canada

Melbourne musician is moving to marriage equality Canada

LAST UPDATED // Friday, 24 January 2014 11:02 Written by // Michael Magnusson

Melbourne-based musician Larissa Tandy is moving to Canada because she’s tired of how marriage equality discrimination is tolerated in Australia.

The solo performer who also fronts her own band, Strine Singers, has also spent time in Vancouver in the past two years and has had her wait for permanent residence reduced by the Canadian Government.

Tandy, who married her girlfriend in Canada, told music magazine theMusic she was “devastated” to be leaving her family and friends.

“I think we tend to tolerate discrimination here,” she said.

“I was shocked at how many of the informed, intelligent people I surround myself with in Melbourne were completely unaware of whether the Australian government recognised our Canadian marriage.
“Worse still, when I explained our position there was eye rolling, but no anger at the situation.”

“I guess some would say that I’m choosing to leave, and yeah, there’s a choice involved here, but what is that choice exactly? I can have my family with me and live with discrimination, or leave my family and live with equality. It’s pretty shit that I even have to weigh that up.”

Tandy said she does not want to leave Australia but it hurts her when the government that actively seeks to limit her rights because of the way she was born is tolerate and endorsed.


Michael Magnusson

Michael Magnusson

Michael has written for the gay media for over a decade and has also written for a number of journals, magazines and street presses around Melbourne and websites around the world.

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