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Melbourne Chargers announce star ambassador

Melbourne Chargers announce star ambassador

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 11 August 2014 15:43

The Melbourne Chargers have welcomed their new community ambassador, Rebels scrum-half Luke Burgess.

Burgess will be joining the Melbourne Chargers as their official ambassador for 2014, providing encouragement for the players as well as raising awareness and understanding of the team and promoting a more tolerant and open approach to same-sex attracted people in sports.

Antony Brookes, president of the Melbourne Chargers, said:

“We're extremely excited to have Luke Burgess as our community ambassador. With Luke's previous experiences it was deemed as the perfect match for the Chargers. He understands the importance of having clubs like the Chargers, which give access to sport within the LGBTQI community that they wouldn't have had before.”  

Brookes said Burgess had offered the players words of encouragement at a recent training session:

“His practical suggestions have certainly helped us to win our first two matches. Luke's involvement with us is part of a much wider level of support offered by the Melbourne Rebels Super Rugby team, and is important in the lead up to the Bingham Cup tournament in Sydney this year.”

Burgess said he is equally eager to be part of the Chargers:

“I think that the Chargers are a great team to be involved with. Clearly, plenty of people have decided that rugby is a sport for all people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or – in this case – sexual orientation.”

Burgess continued:

“I look forward to having the opportunity to help the guys continue to grow as a team, enhance their skills and achieve plenty of success on the field.”

[Image] Rebels scrum-half Luke Burgess joins the Melbourne Chargers.


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  • Jason

    02 July 2014 at 04:12 |
    Luke Burgess is one mighty fine looking man id be happy to wash his back anyday.


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