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Drama project tells the experience of living with HIV

Drama project tells the experience of living with HIV

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 29 July 2014 11:25

Students at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) are teaming with Living Positive Victoria (LPV) to create dramatic works inspired by the lived experience of HIV.

The special project is taking place in the lead up to the International AIDS Conference taking place in Melbourne in July and involves third year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Practice students.

The students are working with directors Noel Jordan and Maude Davey on two full performance works, Plus Sign Attached, directed by Davey and UN/clean, directed by Jordan, based on interactions with members of LPV’s Positive Speakers Bureau.

Both works will be performed in May and will be preceded by will lead a free public panel discussion about the cultural representations of HIV and AIDS in Australian contemporary theatre and live performance on March 26. The discussion will be lead by the VCA's Head of Graduate Studies in Theatre, Alyson Campbell.

“HIV and AIDS have a strong history of representation in the arts, and theatre and live performance have played an important part in this in Australia, as elsewhere,” Campbell said.

“This project, which engages our students intellectually, artistically and emotionally with experiences of living with HIV and how HIV and AIDS have altered our contemporary world, is exemplary in the VCA’s mission to produce thinking, proactive and politically aware actors and theatre-makers who will go on to contribute hugely to Australia’s performing arts culture’.”

“HIV continues to illicit a creative response from us as human beings,” said LPV Executive Officer Brent Allan.

“We have not yet defeated this virus and HIV has spurred us to think creatively across a wide range of disciplines: politics, science, research, society, community and the arts.”

The panel discussion takes place on March 26 at 6.30pm and the two works will be performed on May 16-23, at the VCA Performing Arts Building, 28 Dodds St, Southbank. Further information and bookings at the VCA website

Pictured: Directors Noel Jordan and Maude Davey rehearsing VCA students for the collaborative project with LPV. Photo: Giulio Tami.


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