Change-org petition calls for adoption rights for SA same-sex couples

Change-org petition calls for adoption rights for SA same-sex couples

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 08 April 2014 12:05 Written by // Cec Busby

A South Australian rainbow family has started a petition to push for change to the state’s adoption laws to allow for same sex-couples, singles, gay and lesbian foster carers and those in second parent relationships to gain adoption rights.

Shaun Dougas Galley who started the petition, said he and his partner had been in a committed relationship for a decade and adopted their children in the UK, where same-sex couples have had the right to adopt since 2002 (although the law did not come into force until 2005).

Shaun writes: “We feel blessed to now be living in South Australia, one of the most beautiful parts of the world, but saddened by the fact that our family is not recognised, not valued, and not equal in the eyes of the law, simply because we are a same sex couple. Saddened that there are many children, at this very moment, that need love, stability and a chance at a better future, and the families that could adopt them and give these very things are tied up in red tape, or excluded because of their sexuality, or status as a same sex couple.”

Shaun suggests the process of adoption in Australia needs radical reforms. He says state laws need to be aligned and individuals regardless of their sexual orientation should be given access to adoption.

He cites Christine Robertson’s findings in 2009 for the NSW Law and Justice Committee – which concluded the committee said existing laws should be reformed to allow same-sex couples to adopt.

While these recommendations were implemented in 2010 in NSW, South Australia still has discriminatory laws in place.

“Our family is proof that adopted children’s best interests are served by the presence of capable individuals, or couples, regardless of their sexuality,”

Shaun writes. “We have had nothing but positive re-enforcement from all the people we have met in South Australia. They praise us for being bold, for providing a safe, loving and happy environment for our sons, in order that they may develop to their full potential.
So why is it that other same sex couples are not afforded this right in South Australia?

Shaun urges you to sign his petition to help bring about changes to adoption laws in South Australia.

Image: Shaun and his rainbow family (supplied)


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