UK pollie suspended for homophobic remarks

UK pollie suspended for homophobic remarks

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 20 January 2014 13:28 Written by // Cec Busby

UK Independent Party politician David Silvester has been suspended after suggesting homosexuality could be healed and that same-sex marriage was to blame for the recent floods in Britain.

Silvester, a councillor for Henley on Thames, was suspended after failing to yield to his party’s request  he stop airing his personal opinions on homosexuality.

Silvester had previously told a local paper that recent bad weather was a result of David Cameron supporting same sex marriage legislation.

Whilst the UKIP initially supported Silvester – suggesting he was entitled to his own opinions – the party backtracked after Silvester continued to make homophobic comments.

In an interview on the BBC Radio Berkshire, Silvester said he prayed for gay people to be healed.

Silvester said the the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the UK was the latest mistake which would anger God - following on from abortion laws, which he likened to the Holocaust.

Silvester said it was ridiiculous to suggest his comments were homophobic.

"If you love a person enough to want them to be healed and to have a proper family, that is hardly homophobic.

“It is a spiritual disease... it's not what I say, it's what the Bible says.”

The UKIP chairman Roger Bird said the councillor had acted “contrary to party requests and continued to court the media”.

“We cannot have any individual using the UKIP banner to promote their controversial personal beliefs which are not shared by the party,” Bird said.



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