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TV doctor to undergo reparative therapy for 'Cure Me I’m Gay' series

TV doctor to undergo reparative therapy for 'Cure Me I’m Gay' series

LAST UPDATED // Friday, 24 January 2014 11:50 Written by // Cec Busby

Dr Christian Jessen star of the UK TV series Embarrassing Bodies has signed on the dotted line to take part in a controversial new documentary series, Cure Me i’m Gay.

The openly gay TV star will take part in a series of reparative treatments designed to ‘cure’ him of his homosexuality.

Jessen hopes the series will highlight the ineffectiveness of reparative treatment and reveal the homophobia and prejudice that are its heart.

Jessen has previously gone on the record about his own encounters with homophobia – which he says is rife in the medical profession. He told Ditch the Label: “There is a massive prejudice around being a gay doctor. It was different for me as I have never been “obviously” gay and so people are often surprised when they find out.

“I have been exposed to off-the-cuff homophobic comments from other doctors, especially when being trained in sexual health.”

Men’s rights advocate Peter Lloyd told the Mail Online the new series should hopefully prove attempting to change someone’s sexuality is a pointless exercise.

“The fact this series has been commissioned is great – but not for the reasons people may think. If done correctly, it will prove that trying to change a person’s sexuality is futile,’ he said.

“Medicine cannot – and should not – alter a person’s orientation. It’s homophobia that needs eliminating – not homosexuality. Besides, medicine has much bigger fish to fry.”

There is as yet no Australian air date for Cure Me I’m Gay.


Cec Busby

Cec Busby

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