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Sign the All Out petition against Abbott's anti-gay Chaplaincy Programs

Sign the All Out petition against Abbott's anti-gay Chaplaincy Programs

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 26 May 2014 10:33 Written by // Sabine Brix

LGBTI campaigners All Out have begun a petition in the hope of gaining 150,000 signatures to fight against the funding Tony Abbott's Coalition have set aside for Chaplaincy Programs which have connections to anti-gay campaigning.

The Coalition has allocated nearly $250 million to the Chaplaincy Programs over four years in the latest budget, which offers schools up to $24,000 per year to pay for a chaplain approximately two days a week.

The chaplains belong to religious groups with anti-gay connections such as ACCESS Ministries and Your Dream Incorporated.

The campaign already has over 125,000 signatures and is aiming for 150,000.

Click here to sign.


Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix is the digital editor for Gay News Network.

Comments (8)

  • Liam Thomas

    30 May 2014 at 12:55 |
    The 'choice to be gay' haha yeah. Because it's totally a choice. People CHOOSE to mocked and ridiculed for showing affection towards their partner in the street. They CHOOSE to live in fear of physical and verbal abuse. They CHOOSE for the people they ask for help to turn around and label them as 'diseased' or 'mentally ill'.
    If you think it's a choice then prove it. Go out and 'become' a lesbian for few months. (and don't give me the whole 'god wouldn't like that' shtick. if he's real, he'll forgive you)
    The only CHOICE here, is your choice to be a conceited, small minded, bigot. I pity you, you pathetic excuse for a human.
    What schools need are councilors of open-minded and religiously unbiased backgrounds to aid students regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Councilors who won't pressure them to change or make them feel worse.
    Councilors who won't raise teen suicide rates, but will instead lower them as they're supposed to.
  • Jonathan

    28 May 2014 at 12:21 |
    Julie, I agree with what you said, I am a chaplain and I repect the beliefs and traditions and all people no matter their situation. I do not agree personaly with many of their practices but I do stick to the code of conduct. My aim is to listen to students...ask them if we chaplains are wrong in caring for the end of the day we need both social workers and chaplains working together! Thats my thought.
  • Bill

    28 May 2014 at 11:46 |
    The High Court established this was contrary to the constitution, so it just extraordinary that the Liberal and National Party, would proceed with using our taxes, to fund a program that is illegal. I am certain there are some great Chaplains, but given the program is illegal, it is time to shut it down.
  • Matt Armstrong

    28 May 2014 at 11:27 |
    From a year 10 point of view, with absolutely no religious input in my life, I can happily say this is the worst idea I've ever heard. I completely disagree with Tony Abbott's '50s views and he's turning our country into mush.
  • Neil Hart

    26 May 2014 at 16:58 |
    I put these comments under an older article but realise they should have been posted here. Apologies if this reproduction is inappropriate.

    I am a member of the Lutheran Church of Australia, one of the 12 Churches actively supporting Access Ministries. I have served as a State Youth Pastor and as a Chaplain in a Lutheran College.

    The Lutheran Church's statements list homosexual practise as sinful., disordered and "like disease". Under the heading "Treatment" it states the following.

    "Skilled counselling may be helpful, particularly to the young... Punishment does not result in change of propensity, although it may restrict overt behaviour."

    In a recent seminar funded by the Lutheran Church of Australia and organised for pastors, chaplains and church workers it was stated that homosexual practise commonly involves masochism, sadism and genital mutilation. The lecturer suggested that it should still be considered a mental illness. She stated that, for Lutherans, a child "coming out" is "unacceptable, unwelcome and toxic in every way".

    I would have grave concerns for any LGBTI child being counselled by a member of my own denomination while attitudes such as these remain its official teaching and policy.
  • Tannia

    26 May 2014 at 16:33 |
    Julie - your answer just strengthens the argument of why we need to get rid of chaplains. You admit openly that being gay is not right AND you are in a position to counsel/guide/offer advice to young people questioning their sexuality or gender identity. How can you honestly say that you don't let your personal beliefs influence you during the course of your work? Said values/moral/belief system are the very reason why you are a chaplain, and not a secular counsellor, which is what we should have.

    And FYI. You are wrong - being gay is not a 'choice'. This view that it's a choice, which I'm sure is a view held by many other chaplains as you seem to be adamant in speaking for them, is exactly why the chaplaincy program need to go.
  • Julie

    26 May 2014 at 15:02 |
    Get your facts right, we need chaplains, they are great people who work for a low wage, do relentless hours of voluntary work and mainly just listen. They have a very strict code of conduct and often work with the most abused an hurt students. Next you will be saying no funding for christian or heterosexual teachers. Honestly, the gay movement is ridiculous, you are really hurting truly innocent people with this and totally wasting your time. I have counselled gay students and I don't think being gay is right, but I never said that to them. What one believes and the codes of conduct that we must abide by don't allow us to be discriminate against being gay openly...unlike how the gay ALL OUT movement is compelled to start a cause everytime you feel like it. Grow up and get your facts right, I work with and respect many gay people, don't agree with their choice to be gay, but this is just stupidity.
  • Lisa Formosa

    26 May 2014 at 14:05 |
    Support should be provided to all our citizens if all our tax paying citizens are paying for the service!!

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