Research reveals gay and lesbian parents want better support and a stronger community

Research reveals gay and lesbian parents want better support and a stronger community

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 06 May 2014 09:56 Written by // Cec Busby

New research conducted by Gay Parents Australia has revealed rainbow families want a stronger sense of community and better access to information regarding their unique family structures.

Gay Parents Australia, is a recently formed national online network for LGBTQI parents and parents-to-be. Gay Parents Australia conducted their first members’ survey earlier this year in an effort to discover what the motivations of members in joiningup to the site.

Of the 350 respondants surveyed, 70 percent said they joined Gay Parents Australia because they want to feel like part of a community. 74 per cent joined because they want to find information that is relevant to their unique rainbow family structures (members could give more than reason for joining).

Gay Parents Australia CEO Rebecca Madsen said many LGBTQI families already feel marginalised due to various state and federal laws – such as the lack of marriage equality and a service such as Gay Parents Australia helps these families find support.

“LGBTQI families already face institutionalised marginalisation as a result of Australia’s discriminatory marriage act, so the mental health benefits to be had from connecting with like-minded people and supporting each other is of even greater importance for this group than it is for other parents.”

While there are plenty of conventional parenting forums and services around that welcome LGBTIQ families, Madsen feels Gay Parents Australia offers rainbow families a unique service to suit their unique families.
“Many LGBTQI parents already participate on mainstream parenting forums and networks, but what they really want is to connect with individuals who are experiencing the same highs and lows that conceiving and parenting in a same-sex headed family can present. As far as we know, Gay Parents Australia is the only destination that allows Australia’s growing community of LGBTQI parents to all connect together in the one place from anywhere, anytime – online.”


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