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Push to make school uniform policies more inclusive

Push to make school uniform policies more inclusive

CREATED ON // Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A bold new campaign that supports gender diversity and challenges transphobia by encouraging a more inclusive approach to school uniforms has been launched.

Produced by the Safe Schools Coalition and Minus 18, the campaign entitled, Gender Is Not Uniform, aims to make uniform policies more flexible by allowing young people to express themselves however way they want.

“If someone feels happier and more comfortable in a particular ‘type’ of uniform, then that’s something that should be encouraged, not punished,” writes Minus 18’s Marco Fink in a blog post on the youth group’s website.

“Students have enough to focus on at school, having to fight to be yourself shouldn’t be added to that.

“More and more students like me are becoming increasingly open and confident about exploring their own gender identity, and it’s as important now more than ever that they know we've got their back.

“The goal here is basically to make uniform policy more flexible, and help make students of all genders feel comfortable, whether they’re transgender, non-binary, or cisgender.”

To find out more about the campaign, go to minus18.org.au.

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