Parliament supports Hanson-Young’s motion condemning India’s ban on homosexuality

Parliament supports Hanson-Young’s motion condemning India’s ban on homosexuality

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 11 February 2014 15:41 Written by // Cec Busby

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young’s motion to Parliament condemning India’s ban on homosexuality has been passed, sending a strong message to the international community that LGBTI discrimination will not be tolerated.

Hanson-Young said the Indian Supreme Court ruling was a step backwards for LGBTI rights around the world.

“It is a pointless, punitive and cruel move and the international community needs to do all it can to condemn it.

“Today’s vote in the Senate shows that Australia isn’t willing to stand back and watch this type of discrimination taking place, but there is far more our country could be doing.”

Hanson Young also took the opportunity to draw attention to the fight for equal rights in Australia and once again called on the Prime minister to set aside his personal views and allow a conscience vote on the matter of marriage equality.

“Tony Abbott’s personal opinion should not dictate Australian law and he should grant the members of his party a conscience vote on marriage equality.”

Senator Hanson-Young will also gave notice today of a motion which supports Australian athletes who are speaking out against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws at the Sochi Olympic Games. That motion will be moved tomorrow.

“I call on all of my Parliamentary colleagues to show their support for Australia’s LGBTI athletes in Sochi by baking this motion.”


Cec Busby

Cec Busby

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