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Over 100,000 flock to Midsumma Carnival

Over 100,000 flock to Midsumma Carnival

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 18 January 2016 09:29 Written by // Rachel Cook

Midsumma Carnival has been hailed a success with over 100,000 people attending the opening event yesterday at Alexandra Gardens.

Midsumma have estimated 105,000 - 110,000 people filled the gardens, which is an increase of five to ten percent on last year’s Carnival.

Tennille Moisel, Midsumma Director, told MCV, reports from the community had been positive:

“Feedback provided has been really positive - a lot of younger people saying it was an amazing day and a lot of regulars claiming it was the best ever.

“From my perspective - the lawns were full, the bar was full and there was a lot of rubbish on the ground when we turned the lights on at 10:00pm. That sounds like a good day to us.”

Moisel also said Midsumma partners excelled in their support of the day.

“Our partners outdid themselves with their activations this year - from NAB's share house experience to AGL's dance floor, to Coles providing free fruit salad all day-  it was absolutely amazing to see so many people in the stallholder area.”

The new layout with the Main Stage moved closer to the bar area was welcomed by punters too:

“I think the new layout opened the park up to allow more people to participate - it really felt open and connected the bar with the stage a bit more,” Moisel said.

Temperatures reached 32 degrees however a number of people  said they would like more shaded areas.

Moisel said, “shade is tricky with an outdoor event in summer” and it is an ongoing issue they are working on.

“Moving the main stage liberated the trees along the walkway, and we had almost 50 umbrellas but that did not come close to the number we need.

“We are working with city of Melbourne to look at ways to have additional shade structures in the future - the hard part with that is the requirement for engineers inspections. We are working on it though.”

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Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook has worked in both the queer and mainstream media for over a decade. Before becoming editor of Melbourne Community Voice, she was a producer for ABC radio. Between 2008 and 2012, Rachel was the editor of CHERRIE. In 2010 her book, A History of Queer Australia, was published and is currently in use in high schools across Australia.

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