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Wonderland moves to Ivy

Wonderland moves to Ivy

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 27 February 2014 14:27

Wonderland will now be held at the Ivy in Sydney, organisers have announced.

The party on Sunday, March 2, from 2pm, will move from its advertised location of Luna Park.


•    Wonderland, on Sunday, March 2, moves from Luna Park to the Ivy in Sydney
•    No change to times, DJ line-up, entertainment
•    Advanced tickets purchased prior to February 22 still valid for entry for two people if they arrive before 4pm
•    Refunds are available

Organisers said current patron numbers, while robust, would not achieve their party’s “vision”, given the size of Luna Park.

“We’ve had great sales and although we expect over 2000 patrons, which is a sell out for most venues around town, at Luna Park we actually had one of the biggest capacity venues in the country and our current numbers just wouldn’t create the right awesome vibe that we were looking for,” they said in a statement.  

“Our vision was to pack out Luna Park to give you one hell of a party and to experience that big circuit room feel.

“In this economic climate, however, people are being extra careful with their money and so with that, we have made the  decision to take all our acts and our DJs and, of course, all of  you guys and move everything over to the fabulous Ivy.”

Organisers said the move to Ivy, which includes all three levels, will now see Wonderland at full capacity.  

“We have the numbers to pack this fabulous venue out and give you what you really want and expect – an amazing party with a fun crowd, great music and the best finale to your Mardi Gras festivities!”

The move will not impact the entertainment and DJ line-up, the statement said.

“The epic Wonderland experience will still go ahead complete with our world class production, international DJs, singers Luciana and Cazwell, and our all-star local DJs and entertainers and much, much more.”

Last week, organisers announced that advanced tickets purchased before February 22 would be valid for entry for two people.

This offer is still applicable.

“We are still honouring our game-changer deal of a plus one for those of you who bought your tickets before February 22 and arrive prior to 4pm.”

Refunds are available.

Anyone wishing to get a refund are asked to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Sunday, March 2.

Visit the website:


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  • Graham

    28 February 2014 at 00:04 |
    How many tickets have been sold
    Will the venue be dark or in daylight

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