Police recommend rolling out lockouts to Newtown

Police recommend rolling out lockouts to Newtown

LAST UPDATED // Friday, 05 September 2014 18:00

The NSW Government’s tough alcohol restrictions – 1.30am lock outs and 3am last drinks – should be rolled out to other entertainment precincts including Newtown, says the Police Association of NSW.

In a written submission to a parliamentary inquiry into reducing alcohol and drug related violence, the NSW Police Association called on the state government to implement the lock out laws to other “various alcohol fuelled crime hotspots throughout the state”.

“Alcohol-fuelled violence impacts families and communities right across the country,” the police submission read.

“The issues that were occurring in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross were not unique. In fact, we have been approached by ... Newtown and Erskinville residents who report that the issues relating to alcohol related crime and anti-social behavior in Newtown are the same as in Kings Cross and the CBD.

“This is not a displacement affect but they indicate it has been a problem for some time due to the 24 hour licensed premises in the area.”

It also called on the government to force all licensed venue to close at midnight, and those with an extended trading license to remain open no later than 3am.

The lockout laws were introduced by the NSW Government in February following calls to address alcohol-related violence in the wake of the deaths of Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie. Licensed venues in an expanded entertainment zone, which took in The Rocks, George Street, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross, must not let anyone in after 1.30pm and must cease alcohol service at 3am.

The inquiry is expected to report back in November.


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  • Andy

    11 September 2014 at 17:59 |
    The 2am Lockouts didn't work in Melbourne, that's why we got rid of them.

    What does work, are the NETWORKED ID Scanners, that keep the BAD Patrons out!!!

    That's why every weekend, I now see lots of Sydney people party in Melbourne. Cause Sydney Party Scene has been wipped out :(


  • Daniel

    09 September 2014 at 16:27 |
    It's interesting that in Melbourne we had the same frenzy in the papers for a while about drunken violence and so on but here it just died away. Nothing really happened. One notorious 24hr bottle shop in the CBD now closes at 3am instead. That's about it. It's interesting. Maybe it's because Melbourne venues in general are so dispersed around the inner suburbs?


  • Barrie

    05 September 2014 at 10:03 |
    I live on King St Newtown and it's nothing like the Cross.
    This line is the giveaway: "...Newtown and Erskinville residents who report that the issues relating to alcohol related crime and anti-social behavior in Newtown are the same..."
    Ha! If they were the same the police would already know. It looks like all they're relying on is NIMBY complaints.


  • Colin

    05 September 2014 at 08:41 |
    Essentially the police would like to have everyone tucked into their bed early every night because they don't want to do their job. Maybe if the government agreed and also cut police force numbers they might change their stance?


  • matt

    04 September 2014 at 20:30 |
    I'm sorry but this is a joke. Who the hell is going to want to come to this city. Say good by Sydney and Say good by the people's Jobs


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