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Darlinghurst businesses call for activation of T2 building

Darlinghurst businesses call for activation of T2 building

CREATED ON // Wednesday, 02 March 2016 Author // Cec Busby

In an open letter to the Lord Mayor and the City of Sydney, Stephan Gyory from Darlinghurst Business Partnership has called for the council to axe the planned sale of the T2 building and instead activate it for community use.

The Darlinghurst Business Partnership were one of the instigators of the City’s purchase of the iconic building.

Explaining the history of the push for council to buy the property, Gyory writes:

“The rationale then, for us at least, was that as the geographic town square and putative heart of Darlinghurst, Taylor Square, should not just be a ring of licensed venues; so the idea was for you to buy the building and put something of use to community in there: something that would draw people in during the day to complement the already sufficient night time offer of the Square.”

The Lord Mayor has previously championed the idea of turning the building into a bicycle hub, but could not get the support from councillors.
“It seems a rather sad end to an expensive and drawn-out process to just swallow the losses and dispose of this amazing building on this extremely important site," writes Gyory.

“Taylor Square has not functioned as anything remotely like a town centre since Bourke Street was closed. What Taylor Square needs now, as it did when we first asked you to buy the building, is something in there that is of benefit to the community and activates the square during the day."

Gyory says the DBP would support any move to use the building for a Mardi Gras Museum.

“This would be particularly poignant considering the apology the 78ers just received from parliament,” Gyory writes, adding: “But something, anything would be good.”

Gyory says he is not averse to private enterprise, but doesn’t think the area needs another venue for food and drink.

“And the idealist [in me] hopes that you, Lord Mayor, could put our rates to good use and try again to find something that satisfies the original aims of our suggestion to you to purchase the building. Perhaps you could trade it with an existing Museum on the proviso that they put an LGBTQ museum in there."

Gyory has encouraged anyone with an interest in seeing the T2 building being used for a Mardi Gras museum or with other suggestions for the building’s use, email the Lord Mayor.

“I have copied and sent this email to about a million people, and I encourage them (all of you, yes) to email the Lord Mayor with suggestions for what the old T2 building at Taylor Square could be.”

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Cec Busby

Cec Busby

Cec Busby is the news editor of SX and online editor of GayNewsNetwork.com.au

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  • Ricki Coughlan

    03 March 2016 at 06:18 |
    This building is very significant to me. For many years I visited the Taylor Square Clinic (now located across the road), on the top floor, of whom one of the Directors is the amazing Dr Robert Finnlayson. This clinic was a community essential during the fight against HIV in the 80's and 90's as well as a place where a number of transgender people could go for hormone therapy and other medical advice. I have attended this clinic from the mid 1980's and was marvellously supported by Robert Finnlayson when I was outed as transgender in my sport (Athletics), to much media fanfare in the early 1990's. It was a place where LGBT sex workers and others could find a safe environment for ensuring their health remained intact during very difficult years and one was always well met by dedicated staff at every level of the practice. I want to add my voice to any measures for securing this building as some kind of community centre to support the local LGBT community and celebrate its struggles, colour and valour.


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