Watch: Trans youth talk about the importance of pronouns

Watch: Trans youth talk about the importance of pronouns

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 09 September 2014 11:28 Written by // Cec Busby

He, She, They...All small words, but each one can have a powerful impact if you are a transgender or queer-identifying youth. That's why the folk at Minus 18 have gotten together with a group of trans youth to film a video explaining the importance of correct pronoun use.

As well as a video, Minus 18 has created a written resource for people to understand the importance of pronoun use to avoid misgendering.

She and He are gendered pronouns. She is typically used by people who identify as female similarly He is typically used by male identifying people. 

Both of these are sometimes used by people who don’t identify as male or female.

Gender Neutral Pronouns
 such as  They, Xe and Ey are basically pronouns that don’t imply ‘male’ or ‘female’. Neutral pronouns are typically used by genderqueer and non-binary identifying people.

The resource suggests there are a lot of gender neutral pronouns and encourages you to use the right one.

The resource also suggests if you are not sure about what pronoun to use, you can politely ask.

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