To Malcolm with Love campaign calls for marriage equality now

To Malcolm with Love campaign calls for marriage equality now

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 01 December 2015 14:14 Written by // Cec Busby

A new TVC which will air on Sky News is targeting the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and calling for marriage equality now.

The advertising campaign was funded by donations from All Out members who wanted to send a clear message to the PM that Australia is lagging behind in the equality stakes and the time for action is now.

The 30-second ad features photos of same-sex weddings of All Out members from all over the globe.

“All Out members from Canada to Uruguay and South Africa to Belgium have sent their beautiful same-sex wedding photos to Malcolm Turnbull to remind him that Australia is lagging behind on marriage equality.” said Leandro Ramos, Interim Executive Director of All Out, a 2 million-member global movement for love and equality.

“The photos will be aired in a TV ad on Sky News today, to urge the Prime Minister not to stand in the way of love, and instead allow a free vote on marriage equality in Australia.”

Same-sex couples submitted their photos for inclusion via Facebook and Instagram and the ad features a stunning array of couples from all over the world celebrating their nuptials.The wedding photos pile up throughout the TV ad, demonstrating how Australia is lagging behind its global allies by dragging its feet on marriage equality.

The ad’s closing message is “The world is saying ‘yes’ to marriage equality. It’s time you do the same. Now.”

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