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Supporting Equality: New anti-discrimination organisation launches

Supporting Equality: New anti-discrimination organisation launches

LAST UPDATED // Saturday, 10 May 2014 12:40 Written by // Ron Hughes

A new organisation has been launched to combat all forms of discrimination in Australian society whether based on gender, sexuality, age, disability or race.

Support Equality hopes to encourage businesses and individuals to sign up and send a message to government and other businesses and organisations that discrimination on any grounds should not be tolerated.

In a statement issued to media, Support Equality stressed the need to get businesses on board.

"Support Equality not only campaigns as the voice of change for equality but also educates businesses how to be supportive within their organisation," spokesperson Chris Summers said.

"In many cases organisations essentially believe in equality however, their internal policies, training and recruitment do not reflect their vision."

Summers said Support Equality encourages businesses and individuals to become campaign members.

"This shows employees, customers, suppliers and the community that the organisation is an active supporter of equality for all and takes actions to ensure this," Summers said.

"Member organisations can receive training for employees to educate them on workplace discrimination, educating the organisation with regular updates."

On the issue of LGBTI rights, Support Equality's website states: "It’s our mission to stamp out homophobia in the Australian culture and send a clear message to homophobic preachers that it’s not acceptable. Whilst we accept and welcome the notion of free speech we need to make it clear that those messages are not tolerated in our community.

"Our mission is to also give the LGBT community equal rights to heterosexuals recognising their rights and affording them the basic human right of being able to make a formal commitment to their loved one. This will also give them the legal rights for areas such as banking, tax, superannuation, insurance and many other areas that the rest of the Australian community take for granted.

"Formalising the rights of the LGBT community will not eradicate homophobia but it’s a good start. How can we as a community condemn homophobia if we don’t legally give the community equal rights?"


Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes is the editor of SA's only LGBTI magazine, blaze.

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