Senate rejects plebiscite on marriage equality

Senate rejects plebiscite on marriage equality

LAST UPDATED // Wednesday, 11 November 2015 16:53 Written by // Ron Hughes

The Senate today voted against holding a popular plebiscite on marriage equality and urged the Prime Minister to allow a free vote on the issue before the end of the year.

Greens senator Robert Simms (pictured) introduced the motion. Simms is the Greens spokesperson on LGBTI issues and marriage equality.

“Momentum continues to build for marriage equality in this country," Simms said.

"Today the Australian Senate rejected a divisive and costly plebiscite and instead called on the Prime Minister to grant a free vote on marriage equality.”

“Australians don’t want another opinion poll on this issue. They want the Parliament to legislate.”

The motion passed "on the voices" with no precise count taken of who was for or against but a clear majority was in favour of the motion.

The Senate's decision will be communicated to the House of Representatives - although MPs in the lower house are not bound to follow the recommendations of the Senate.

The NSW and WA governments have already rejected the notion of a plebiscite and urged the federal parliament to legislate on the issue.


Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes is the editor of SA's only LGBTI magazine, blaze.

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  • Tex O'Ryan

    12 November 2015 at 12:43 |
    It becomes even MORE important now, to let MP's dissenting on personal grounds that we didn't vote them in for their personalities and expect them to be representative of us. Hassle them mercilessly in their offices, ministries & electorates!


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