Same-sex couples kissing is A-OK says Ad Standards Bureau

Same-sex couples kissing is A-OK says Ad Standards Bureau

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 21 March 2016 16:31 Written by // Cec Busby

The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) has dismissed complaints against Medibank regarding its recent television advertising campaign which included same-sex couples kissing.

The ad campaign tagged: ‘Health Cover for Every Kind of Family and Indidvidual’ had clocked up complaints from conservative Christians who were unhappy with the depiction of same-sex affections.

But Mumbrella reports the advertising watchdog rejected the complaints saying the scenes depicted were in the context of “a broad range of loving relationships”.

One complainant suggested they would have to resort to switching off their TV to avoid seeing homosexual messaging.

“I wouldn’t let my young children watch a show with homosexual couples on it, but how am I supposed to censor advertisements? It is totally inappropriate and it pushes someone else’s accepted values on to my family. As a Christian do I have to keep the television turned off?,” one complaint wrote.

The advertisement also came under fire for showing a woman breastfeeding a baby.

Medibank said they decided to shoot the commercial in a ‘documentary style’ to better reflect the make-up of the Australian community.

“Our decision to include same sex couples in our advertising stems from the fact that we have been providing health insurance to the Australian population for over 39 years, and do not exclude anyone based on their sexual orientation,” said Medibank in a statement in defense of the ad.

The ASB rejected all complaints. In regards to the footage of same-sex couples kissing, the ASB found the footage was not problematic.

“Some members of the community might be uncomfortable with images of men kissing men, or women kissing women, but (the board) considered that the depictions of kissing in the advertisement are very brief and are not sexualised or shown to lead to any further intimacy.”

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