Protestors cause chaos for World Congress of Families

Protestors cause chaos for World Congress of Families

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 01 September 2014 17:45 Written by // Rachel Cook

Protestors successfully disrupted the World Congress of Families event in Melbourne over the weekend.

Over one hundred protestors including an alliance of feminists, LGBTQI activists, unionists, refugee and anti-racist activists, and atheist and religious people against bigotry, blocked the entrance to the Catch the Fire evangelical ministeries in Hallam where the event was being held.

Speakers including Angela LanFranchi, who believes abortion is linked to breast cancer, were unable to get their cars through the blockade.

Catch the Fire ministeries in Hallam was the fifth venue the event had been moved to after other venues cancelled their involvement due to the much publicised planned protests.

The announcement that Catch Fire ministeries were holding the event led to Victorian upper house Liberal member Bernie Finn, the federal government social services minister, Kevin Andrews, and the Victorian attorney general, Robert Clark all withdrawing from appearing at the conference.

Catch the Fire’s Pastor, Daniel Nalliah, is anti-Islamic and anti-abortion, he believes that the Black Saturday bushfires was divine punishment for Victoria’s anti-abortion laws. He also believes homosexuals can and should be taught to be heterosexual and that same-sex partners should not have children.

About 30 police were at the event and several protestors were arrested.


Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook has worked in both the queer and mainstream media for over a decade. Before becoming editor of Melbourne Community Voice, she was a producer for ABC radio. Between 2008 and 2012, Rachel was the editor of CHERRIE. In 2010 her book, A History of Queer Australia, was published and is currently in use in high schools across Australia.

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  • Daniel

    02 September 2014 at 03:56 |
    This weird, off the radar fundamentalist Christian event would have gone pretty much without notice if it had not been for the fact that federal Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews and Vic A-G Rob Clark,as well as Vic Lib MP Bernie Finn had been scheduled to speak. It had to get to stage where loony toons Danny Nalliah of Catch The Fire Ministries was hosting the event before they finally realized what the deep end they had got into and cyncically cancelled. That doesn't change the fact that our governments at state and federal levels are infected with ideologues who would see the social face of Australia profoundly changed, and where Kevin Andrews is concerned, he's in charge of directing policy on social welfare and security. These are not nice people. They are certainly not people I would have in my home. The fact that there has not yet been a deeper analysis in the media of the implication of Kevin Andrews, Minister ofr Social Services, being the ambassador and plenary speaker for this event is really deeply disturbing.


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