Liberal colleague questions Bernardi's 'gay obsession'

Liberal colleague questions Bernardi's 'gay obsession'

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 09 January 2014 17:30

The new book by South Australian Liberal senator Cory Bernardi, condemning same-sex parent families, and conception by IVF and surrogacy has drawn wide criticism, even from within his own party.

In 2012 Bernardi was demoted as parliamentary secretary to then opposition leader, Tony Abbott after a speech in which he claimed legalising same-sex marriage would lead to similar demands to legalise bestiality.

In his new book The Conservative Revolution Bernardi says that: “Given the increasing number of non-traditional families, there is a temptation to equate all family structures as being equal or relative.

“It is perfectly reasonable and rational therefore for the state, if it is to have a role in social policy and the affairs of marriage, to reinforce and entrench those aspects of traditional marriage that work, not undermine them and promote 'alternatives' which have led to social chaos.”

Liberal MP Warren Entsch has spoken out, telling media last week that he is worried by Bernardi's “obsession”' with gay people.

Entsch said he cringed when he heard Bernardi being interviewed about his book The Conservative Revolution in which he speaks “non-traditional” including same-sex parent families.

“He's obviously got an obsession with people that are gay,” Mr Entsch said.

“It worries me. You've really got to watch out for those that have these obsessions. He who protests the loudest …”

Entsch asked what Bernardi would think if a member of his family turned out to be gay, wondering if he might “advocate sterilisation” saying also that the overwhelming majority of the Liberal Party took issue with Bernardi's views.

“I am elected to represent all of my constituents and it's not for me to be judgmental,” Entsch added.

Entsch, who also leads the Parliamentary Friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex group, said last month he was optimistic after speaking to Tony Abbott that Coalition MP's would be granted a conscience vote on same-sex marriage during the next Parliament.

A spokesperson for Bernardi said “he just hopes Mr Entsch will actually bother to read his book some time soon”.

Meanwhile The Conservative Revolution has been gathering controversy, attracting hundreds of often derisive reviews on Amazon. One commentator calling it the most “disgusting, hypocritical, hate-filled” book since Hitler's Mein Kampf, while another review from a dachshund dog shared Bernardi's now notorious concerns linking bestiality with same-sex marriage.

The Prime Minister issued a statement saying that Senator Bernardi was a backbencher and his views did not represent the position of the government.



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