Casual hook ups top HIV transmission risk list: report

Casual hook ups top HIV transmission risk list: report

LAST UPDATED // Wednesday, 19 February 2014 17:29 Written by // Ron Hughes

The latest HIV Seroconversion Study Report released today shows that HIV is still most likely to be transmitted by male-to-male sex and that barriers still exist for gay men to get tested for HIV.

The study, which has been ongoing since September 2007, is a collaboration between the University of New South Wales and La Trobe University along with state AIDS councils and People Living With HIV/AIDS organisations nationwide.

The report, Experiences of HIV: The Seroconversion Study Report 2013, states: “Few HIV infections among gay men are attributable to sex between regular male partners. HIV is far more likely to be transmitted via sex with a casual partner or a ‘fuckbuddy’.”

The study also shows that 88 per cent of all HIV transmissions occur as a result of male homosexual intercourse, as opposed to heterosexual contact (9%) and injecting drug use (1%).

The study points out that while there has been an increase in “high-risk” activities such as unprotected anal intercourse, there has also been a rise in other non-condom based risk management, something researchers say suggests “an evolving calculus of risk among gay men.”

The report also recommends changes to the way Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis are handled in order to reap the benefits they can bring.

“There are multiple reasons why men avoid or delay testing in the months or years prior to their diagnosis, including the belief that they had not done anything ‘risky’, and fear of being told they were HIV-positive,” the report states

“Men who were less socially connected to other gay men were more likely to have avoided or delayed testing prior to their diagnosis.

“The decision whether or not to commence ART [Antiretroviral Therapy] by those newly diagnosed continues to be a challenging one,” the report continues.

“The anxiety of coming to terms with their recent HIV diagnosis, the stigma still associated with HIV, their relationship with their clinician and the broader community, and concerns and doubts about the ART treatment itself have all been raised by study participants and present very real challenges to health professionals, government and community organisations.”

The report concludes that gay men need greater tools and strategies in reducing risk, especially in short-term or non-committed relationships, and greater education for men on risk reduction strategies; earlier testing needs to be encouraged through community based peer-focused programs; and greater attention needs to be focused on the realities of undergoing treatment and addressing patients’ concerns.

In the next 12 months the study will focus on key issues such as why men delay getting tested, why so few people use PEP and PrEP, status disclosure, the experience of undergoing treatments and services and service gaps that exist for HIV positive people.

The ongoing Seroconversion Study is keen to hear from individuals who have been diagnosed in the last two years. For more information go to


Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes is the editor of SA's only LGBTI magazine, blaze.

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  • alwin

    22 February 2014 at 22:51 |
    There is many heterosexuals that get tested too late or think they can't get HIV. There is many prostitutes that allow bareback. In Europe 50 Million heterosexual men visit prostitutes for bareback everyday young &old men. Most of them do not get tested or too late, most do not know their infection. Breeding also happens in the heterosexual-community. Most prostitutes allow bareback oral,vaginal and anal.There's many sites with heterosexual men searching for bareback prostitutesand they share adresses with other men about prostitutes that like bareback, men upload pctures of barebacksex with the prostitute on such sites. Most do not get tested because they believe does not exist or is a gay desease or they fear to get to know their HIV status because if they were HIV+ then they can't have barebacksex with prostitutes anymore.Most doctors do not know it.


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