Brisbane man found not guilty of deliberate transmission of HIV

Brisbane man found not guilty of deliberate transmission of HIV

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 31 July 2014 13:16 Written by // Cec Busby

A 22-year-old Brisbane man has been found not guilty of maliciously transmitting a communicable disease after appearing in Brisbane District Court last week.

The man, a former sex worker had been charged with “recklessly putting someone else at risk of contracting a controlled notifiable condition, namely HIV” after he allegedly engaged in unprotected sex with a couple he met online in 2012.

One member of the couple, a 59-year old man, is alleged to have contracted HIV after he and his partner engaged in several instances of unprotected consensual sex with the accused.

The prosecutors claimed that the accused knew of his HIV status at the time he engaged in sexual activity with the couple but had continued to deny he was HIV positive.

The partner of the alleged victim told the jury: “He said he was HIV negative and had been tested three months before and hadn’t engaged in sex with anybody else since that testing.”

The couple eventually became suspicious of the 22-year-old’s status, and arranged for him to be tested for the virus, whereupon it was revealed he was HIV positive.

The alleged victim’s partner said the accused appeared surprised by the result and said ‘I can’t be’.

While the jury has found the man not guilty of committing a malicious act, the accused now faces counts of grievous bodily harm as well as other charges.

The 22-year old’s case has been further complicated after he was accused of allegedly assaulting the complainants whilst out on bail.

He now faces further charges, including breaching bail conditions, assaults against witnesses, assaults occasioning bodily harm, entering a dwelling with intent to use/threaten violence and stealing.


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