Aussie millionaire comes out as trans

Aussie millionaire comes out as trans

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 21 March 2016 14:44 Written by // Cec Busby

Australian multi-millionaire and financial wizard, Savannah Jackson, has come out as transgender on national television.

Jackson chose to go public with her transition on popular interview show, Sunday Night. The 43-year-old who runs the financial advisory firm, Trading Pursuits, with her former wife Julie, said she can now just be herself.

Savannah told Sunday Night getting to this point had taken years of counseling, surgeries and hormone treatments.

"It’s surreal that it’s here. Like it’s a dream, it’s a thought, it’s a hope and a wish that you have every single day of your life. And then, to actually be here in this moment now it’s just like every Christmas all come at once," Savannah said.

"I can just be myself and that, to me, has been the greatest single gift that I have given myself is the freedom to be myself."

Savannah told Sunday Night viewers that whilst she enjoyed doing ‘boy things’ whilst growing up, she never felt like a boy inside.

"I felt like a ghost. I have all these memories of growing up internally as a girl, but no one saw me as a girl."

Savannah said she wanted to share her journey as she wanted people to have better understanding of trans people.

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